Dr. Roman-Lantzy developed the first comprehensive assessment and intervention program for cortical visual impairment called the CVI Range. She is the director of Pediatric View in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and provides educational consulting services through CVI Resources. Currently several leading hospitals in the US and Canada are conducting clinical trials to test her CVI infant screening protocol. In 2008, Dr. Roman-Lantzy won the Bledsoe Award for her book Cortical Visual Impairment: An Approach to Assessment and Intervention.

Dr. Roman-Lantzy says her coveted role as a mother has helped her develop insight into the motivations of parents of children with CVI with whom she shares a common goal–to see their children have a rich and fulfilling life. She has had the honor to be invited to speak and educate professionals and parents throughout US and internationally about how to use the CVI Range in order to implement visual processing support in the classroom.

She earned her bachelor’s degrees in elementary education and visual impairment, and she is a certified orientation & mobility specialist. She also has a master’s degree in medically fragile, high-risk infants and her Ph.D. focused on cortical visual impairment and infancy.