The founder of CP NOW, Michele is the parent of Lillian Maya, a young lady with CP. She is also the publisher of the web site and blog, CP Daily Living. In 2011 she began CP Daily Living to fill the gap in educational resources and support she and her husband experienced when their own daughter was diagnosed with CP. Beginning with practical tips, emotional support, information about treatments and centralized access to resources, CP Daily Living and its social media pages have evolved into an international virtual meeting space and advocacy platform for families, adults with CP and the professionals who work with them.

Michele is passionate about educating families and the public about CP and is a consumer content reviewer for CP Alliance Australia’s “About CP” initiative. In 2014 she proposed a more modern framework for diagnosing and discussing cerebral palsy with families in her opinion piece, “Introducing the term ‘early developmental brain injury/interference’ and a new framework for discussing cerebral palsy”. This piece was published in Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology. It has generated ongoing dialogue among professionals and families about how to best promote proactive and timely support for people with CP.  In 2015 Michele became the patient and family leader for the Cerebral Palsy Research Network, a clinical research network aimed at advancing treatments and outcomes for people with CP.

With CP NOW, Michele has created a formal non-profit structure to extend CP Daily Living’s educational and support services and to launch much needed fundraising for research.

Michele is a graduate of Barnard College where she received a liberal arts degree in psychology.